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It takes hard work to create and maintain a successful business enterprise. When your intellectual property is threatened, you can turn to our experienced team to help you navigate the legal landscape and put your business in a position to thrive. For guidance in franchise law, trademark law, and business law, call our team at Utah Franchise Law, a division of Mountain West Law, to schedule a consultation today in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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Brooke Ashton

Attorney at Law

For more than 15 years, I have been working hard to earn a reputation among business owners and entrepreneurs in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area for providing knowledgeable legal services in matters related to franchise law, trademark law, and business law. As a division of Mountain West Law, Utah Franchise Law is passionate about helping businesses solve their problems in creative ways to move forward toward an exciting future. If you have worked hard to create your company or brand, you deserve to have legal protection and opportunities to expand and thrive. For individuals looking to start a new business or protect and grow their current company, our team is ready to help. Call our Salt Lake City office today to schedule a free consultation.


Lacie Lujan

Associate Attorney

After beginning her law career in Denver, Colorado, attorney Lacie Lujan joined the team at Utah Franchise Law to expand her experience and continue to provide high-quality legal services to businesses in and around the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area. An alumnus of the University of Utah before earning her Juris Doctor from the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver, Lacie is passionate about guiding creators, innovators, and companies through the process of franchising and other business-related legal matters. When your business is seeking counsel for development, growth, and franchising opportunities, Lacie has the skill and insight to help you take the appropriate steps toward the future you want.


Trust Your Legal Matters to Us

Client-Focused Approach

As a division of Mountain West Law, we here at Utah Franchise Law look at every situation not only from a legal perspective but also from a business perspective. Coming up with a solution that is legally sound but doesn't help solve your business problem is no help at all. Our team will work closely with you to learn your specific needs to develop a customized strategy that will put your business interests first and put you on a path toward a secure future.

Effective Communication

Throughout each step of the process, our team is dedicated to providing personal service and maintaining open channels of communication. We know how important your business matters are to you and will make it a priority to be available and accessible to hear your concerns, explain all of the options available to you, and answer any questions you have along the way. You will be kept involved and updated as new developments arise.

What Can Our Team at Utah Franchise Law Provide For You?


Extensive Experience

Our insight and understanding of franchising will allow you to pursue expansion with confidence.


Creative Solutions

No two clients or companies are exactly alike. We will tailor a strategy that suits your specific vision for the future.


Personalized Service

We will work directly with you as we develop ways to achieve the successful results you have for your enterprise.

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Knowledgeable Counsel to Protect & Grow Your Business

Achieving long-term success in the business world can depend greatly on two major factors — detailed preparation and secure protection for your enterprise. For over a decade, entrepreneurs and business owners in and around the greater Salt Lake City and Summit County areas of Utah have learned that they can turn to our dedicated team of professionals at Utah Franchise Law for strong legal guidance and personalized attention in their franchise, trademark, and business law matters.

Here at Utah Franchise Law, a division of Mountain West Law, we are passionate about helping businesses pursue growth through franchising. When you choose to work with us, you will receive customized solutions that will help you take the right steps and make the appropriate preparations that will set your business up for success and allow you to expand your enterprise. With our experience helping a number of highly-successful startup franchises, we believe we can help put your company in a position for an exciting future.

Trademark and intellectual property laws are often complex and require the understanding of a skilled attorney in order to navigate the details. When your business success depends on your brand or product, being able to set yourself apart from other businesses is crucial. Our team can help you take action to file for trademarks and protect your intellectual property from trademark infringement. You can safeguard what is yours by working with our skilled trademark law attorneys.

In addition to franchising and trademark matters, we have extensive experience in helping businesses with entity formation, strategic planning, and the drafting of sound contracts and legal documentation. We are proud to serve the needs of clients in Utah County, Davis County, Weber County, Summit County, and throughout the greater Salt Lake City area of Utah. To get trusted guidance for your business, contact us at Utah Franchise Law today and schedule a free consultation.